Our Story | Keys Luxury Rental Homes 

This is your chance to hire Florida’s leading residential leasing agency for your property. No upfront cost, no risk and the industry’s only lease guarantee.

Here’s how it all started:

Many years ago while working in the real estate industry in Milwaukee, WI Beau Beach recognized that property owners would benefit from on-demand residential leasing agents. These leasing agents could supplement an existing leasing team or more likely – they would be the leasing team.

To be successful his leasing agents would have to be the best in the industry. They would focus 100% on leasing – as opposed to Realtors who claim to do both leasing and sales. They would have cutting-edge marketing support behind them and they would be compensated based on performance. For the property owner, there couldn’t be any reason to delay signing up. No upfront cost or risk would be allowed.

His vision later became Milwaukee Luxury Rental Homes which is still the most successful leasing agency in Wisconsin today.  Those same clients asked us to come to Florida and we are thrilled to be here.

We’re now winning for clients in Florida with a focus on the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West.  Sign up today.